Wake Up America

   Oil Billionaires are taking control of America, through the use of “DDT” (DT). Paying to get Republicans elected, the current Republican Tax legislation is one of many paybacks to their Oil Billionaire masters.
   Oil Billionaires that stand to lose billion of dollars, deny global warming to protect their assets, without any concern about wiping humans out. It should be obvious that the rich put themselves first, and Oil Billionaires care more about billions of dollars than about billions of people.
   Oil Billionaires have taken control and Americans are letting them, by listening to DDT’s promises/lies. Elected Republicans are making this payback, in order to get funding for their 2018 election campaigns and are selling out their constituents and America in the process.
   This is happening in front of the world’s eyes… the Oil Billionaire takeover leading to WWIII… runaway GLOBAL WARming. WWIII is a war that no human will survive, and it began on November 2016. Unless Americans fight to save America on November 2018, America will be permanently lost. Wake Up America and Smell the Oil.
NOTE: Here is a short list of Oil Billionaires behind the takeover: Putin, Koch Brothers, House of Saud. 


This might come as a shock, but unless humans save themselves, they will be going extinct in less than 500 years, due to runaway Global Warming. How do humans save themselves? Nothing complicated… with something that has been done before… similar to an Alcohol or Tobacco Tax… with a Carbon Tax. A carbon tax is a fee intended to make users of fossil fuels pay for the climate damage their additional CO2 makes, and to motivate switching to cleaner energy.

If humans have a Carbon Tax in 2017, they will save themselves. Deny or delay and humans will be gone from the Earth in less than 500 years. We know this because we can “see” global temperatures centuries into the future. By knowing the properties of carbon dioxide, we can project how much global temperatures will rise. It is almost like calculating the interest on a savings account.

During pre-industrial times, CO2 was around 250 ppm. Currently, we are slightly over 400 ppm and our atmosphere is warming about one-tenth degF per year. For humans, this increase is basically invisible… it is too small for them to notice. About one-tenth degF per year turns into almost 7 degF per century.

Can humans survive in a world that is 7 degF hotter? Yes, but millions more will die. In two centuries, can they survive in a world that is 14 degF hotter?  In three centuries, 21 degF hotter? In five centuries, 35 degF hotter? No, humans will not be able to live on an Earth that is 35 degF (20 degC) hotter. This is how humans will go extinct. Earth will become too hot for them to survive.

Sorry To Say – On Nov 8, 2016 humans did not save themselves and will be going extinct

Humans voted for the more heartless pirates, who will take control of the 3 branches of government, and who are planning how to pillage through the various government agencies. As bad as that sounds, their selfish pirate plundering will result in runaway Global WARming taking off in the coming years, gradually turning the world into toast over decades and centuries. Humans do not even realize that Nov 8 started in motion their own extinction within 500 years.

Humans have thoughts and believe their thoughts. Humans would rather hold onto their beliefs than to know the truth/reality. This is why humans dislike hearing truths.

Humans want to hold on to hope… and they can hold on to hope in the short term… they can still hope that they get home safely, hope to have a place to live next month, and they can even hope to be alive next year… but hoping that their children will grow up in a better world has been thrown out the window. Most days, months, years will be slightly hotter than the year before, and the world will be slightly worse.

Here is the positive from knowing this truth… Global WARming proceeds gradually, which is why knowing about it is far wiser than to ignore/deny it. Knowing about it means that humans can plan in advance, i.e..have fewer/no children, as children be will growing up in a world that increasingly gets worse… so everyone can plan ahead to reduce suffering and not get caught with their pants down.

Support the MBT Tax

MBT stands for Millionaire, Billionaire, Trillionaire. The MBT Tax is an increase to the top Federal Income Tax rate and the top Capital Gains Tax rate. 
Starting October 1, 2013, these top tax rates will increase 1% per month, until signed into law.

On Oct. 1, 2013, greedy MBTs shutdown the government and slapped every American* in the face forcing a fight. The question is, who will win?
For a better future, Support the MBT Tax.  www.mbttax.org , www.mbttax.us

This article on the recent ClimAid Report, made by multiple key NY and climate orgs, came up with temperature and sea level rise predictions for this century. The differences between dramatic actions to reduce CO2 and doing nothing are astounding… 2080s increases of 4-9 degF and 8-23 inches (or possibly 55″ with significant melt of polar ice sheets).

It’s the Interest, Stupid! Why Bankers Rule the World

“Interest charges are a strongly regressive tax that the poor pay to the rich. A public banking system could realize savings up to 40 percent – allowing taxes to be cut, services increased and market stability created – with banks feeding the economy rather than feeding off it.”  Ellen Brown